Aldridge Transportation Consultants, LLC (ATC) is typically hired to prepare
traffic impact analyses and engineering design that support access
recommendations to major land use development projects. In many
instances, developer initiated land use and access plans face stiff opposition
from governing jurisdictions and neighboring residential groups. Traffic flow
and congestion are usually major issues for reviewing agencies and
opposition groups.

We approach each project with the understanding that traffic flow (mobility)
and accessibility can function harmoniously if designed properly.  We work
tirelessly with the client and the governing jurisdiction to achieve an
engineering solution that provides safe, efficient traffic movement on and off
the property and that satisfies high standards for mobility on adjacent
roadways and intersections.

We prepare our engineering/planning analysis and recommendations using
only the latest in system and operational analysis programs/software. Also,
we have developed innovative methods that enable interactive response to
development and/or system alternates. And, with the advanced technology
and systems available today, we can animate simulated traffic movement and
project the image on a large screen so that everyone can see how well
access and mobility can be integrated and function harmoniously.

ATC is dedicated to serving its products! Revisions, changes, additional
meetings, etc. are often required before a project is completed. Even during
construction, traffic and access issues may surface that need resolution. ATC
is always there to service the product and often at no additional fee.
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